On request, we carry out a specified period of quality control of products for our customers. The aim of the quality control is to align the actual condition and any faults in the products with the desired target condition. The customer thus defines all specifications in the technical or visual field.


To avoid disruptions in the production process from faulty parts, we check your ordered-in parts for faults according to the agreed specifications.


We take on the visual inspections, non-destructive crack testing (magnetic particle inspection, ultrasound, dye penetration) in line with the qualitative specifications.  We offer controls and tests using simple measurement methods (e. g. slide gauges, dial gauges, slip gauges, depth gauges, setting gauges etc.) as well as tests on measurement systems such as 3D Zeiss, Adcole and Twinner.


The objective is to guarantee the quality of the mass-produced parts and therefore to reduce scrap.


We take personal responsibility for carrying out the project-specific quality controls. In order to follow every contract, all work processes are precisely documented. For this, we produce daily detailed reports with batches, lot sizes, fault characteristics, fault numbers and labour input.


It goes without saying that we are happy to put together an individual report on request with prior agreement.


Our processes are lean and efficient and set up to be highly flexible.


Implementing and processing rework concepts for individual and services parts

Further services

Conceptual design/implementation of special tools

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